The :45™

The :45 is the cornerstone of Loop: 45. It is a concise short-form video lasting up to 45 seconds, and is enriched with high-value attachments including documents, images, hyperlinks, and descriptive text.

Create an Effective :45™ short-form video

:45 seconds is short, but it is long enough to make an impact. Make a strong impression by following some simple tips and tricks to create the most effective :45.

Know your message

The :45 is an effective communications tool and can be made stronger with clear and focused messaging. Simplicity is key. Try focusing on delivering a concise message without overwhelming the :45 with excessive points. Take it one step further and draft a script that can assist in organizing thoughts and facilitating a smoother delivery. Input the script into the Loop :45 teleprompter tool to maximize this focused approach. With or without a script, deliver the message with authenticity, purpose and clarity.

Attach with intent

One standout feature of Loop :45 is the Attachments functionality. This feature allows users to complement their :45 with additional content elements, enriching the viewer's experience. Through Attachments, users have the ability to include a PDF document to elaborate on ideas, seamlessly integrate images via the Gallery for both visual impact and contextualization, incorporate hyperlinks to offer supplementary resources, and append text details or a descriptive narrative to enrich the overall context. By combining these elements, creators construct a comprehensive package that offers viewers a complete picture within a concise format.

Film like a Pro

There’s a reason why certain videos have a stronger visual appeal than others. Often, it comes down to a handful of production pro-tips that possess the potential to elevate any :45.

Find a setting that is creative yet professional. Be sure the area is tidy and free of visual distractions.

Center yourself in the frame. We recommend recording the “top-third” of yourself. Place your eye-line at eye-level with your phone’s camera. Create a thoughtful distance between you and your phone, about an arms length away, with a bit of space around you in the frame.

To capture the best lighting, it’s all about controlling the direction and brightness of your light sources. Ideally, you are always “front-lit” meaning your light source is in front of you. Overhead lighting will work as well, just try your best to avoid any light that may come from behind you.

Find a quiet place to record. Avoid spaces that may have an echo or background noise. Pro tip: remember to silence your computer and phone’s notifications.

Use a phone stand to ensure your video is steady (and recorded smoothly). Even propping up your phone on a book or another stackable object works, as long as it’s on a flat and sturdy surface.

Crafting an effective :45 is not just about fitting the message into a brief timeframe, but about leveraging every second to captivate and resonate with your audience. By prioritizing clarity and focus in your messaging, purposefully integrating attachments to enrich viewer experience, and employing production techniques to enhance your presentation, you can maximize the impact and effectiveness of your :45.