Loop :45 is the

video platform

for elevating professional communication and connections.

It is a groundbreaking video-first app designed to revolutionize how professionals engage.

Our platform is a powerful tool that will transform the way professional individuals and organizations connect and communicate through short-form video.”

Tim DeMello

We champion the art of concise expression, providing a branded environment where members can cultivate authentic relationships, share compelling narratives, and spark meaningful conversations.

We all understand the challenges in business communications — too many emails that don’t get opened, unproductive meetings, and an isolated workforce. Loop :45 solves for this.

Loop :45 hosts up to 45-second videos with attachments. Our :45™ short-form video is simple and effective.

The Loop :45 platform delivers a unique experience. With up to :45-second videos, we have standardized the short-form format. We encourage professional communication, focusing on content and tone that meets business standards. And the first-person video-first approach amplifies authentic messaging.

Loop :45 occupies a space no one is in — short-form, asynchronous video for businesses.

The :45™ is crafted to maximize impact. Create, share, and message with ease. Strengthen communications and broaden connections using :45s.

Every :45 created is up to 45-seconds. :45s can be shared and viewed via the App for Members or via a web browser for Non-Members.

Every time a :45 is shared via the App, Members can communicate directly through the Messaging feature, strengthening connections and facilitating effective business communication.

On Loop :45, Members are able to browse and search for :45s across Groups to find the video content most relevant to them.

The cornerstone of the Loop :45 experience is the Profile Video, offering Members a unique opportunity to present themselves authentically to others, both on and off the platform. This dynamic :45 video accelerates networking by providing a personalized introduction and making valuable connections.

As a vital social networking asset, the :45 presents Members with the opportunity to meet new people and expand their network. Loop :45 is the tool for creating lasting impressions.

Loop :45 empowers Members to build stronger connections and enhance business communication, fostering meaningful relationships.

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